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Zealandia 2019 calendar and Storyteller exhibition Oct-Nov 2018

The results of our annual labour-of-love are in the Zealandia shop! Our Zealandia fund-raising calendar is a huge team effort from the volunteer Storyteller team, and this is the best one yet. I was delighted to hear they are selling like hotcakes, literally while the first shipment was being unpacked.

The calendar is crammed full of wonderful wildlife photos for thirteen months (January-to-January), each with a story and complete critter identifications in Māori, Common, and Latin. My favourite this year is (perhaps surprisingly to some) not one of mine, but Linton's photo and Louise's story about "Buddy" the super-smart toutouwai.
Scatter of photos
And not only do we have a calendar, but through October and November, selected and additional photographs and longer stories from the calendar will be on exhibition in the Zealandia Stairwell Gallery. Come and find out why we love Zealandia so much!

​With stories by Louise Slocombe, Vanya Bootham, Chris Gee, and Lynn Freeman, and photographs by Janice McKenna, Hayley May, Andrew Hawke, Linton Miller, Chris Gee, Lynn Freeman, Brendon Doran, and myself, there is something of interest for everyone. 

And now the 2019 calendar is sorted, I'm already thinking about 2020 - what would you like to see featured?

The volunteer Storytellers' support Zealandia's fundraising efforts with the calendar and postcards, amongst many other activities. Individual artists and photographers also have high-quality prints and photographs available in the store. Proceeds from sales go directly to support Zealandia's not-for-profit conservation and restoration efforts.
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