A pile of gifts wrapped in kraft eco-wrapping paper with paper ribbons

I do my very best to reduce plastics while ensuring your purchases get to you in perfect condition. Here's some of the things you can expect:

  • Wrapping and Shipping Materials
    • Gift wrapping uses acid-free tissue, washi tape, decorative kraft wrapping paper and paper ribbons. Some items I can wrap with little-to-no tape making it easier for you to reuse the pretty paper. It's all compostable. 
    • I use compostable mailers (cardboard or cornstarch), recycled plastic mailers, or cardboard tubes for larger prints. The tubes have plastic end-caps made from HDPE plastic and they are recyclable (Code 2).
    • Bubble-wrap and other fill is always scavenged, but is trimmed so it looks fresh.
  • Print Packaging
    • Prints are packaged in conservation-grade crystal clearbags. These are the biggest challenge in going plastic-free. You want to be able to see and handle the print safely, and know that it's protected in its journey from me to you to your framer (I know from my own experience that getting your prints framed can take a while). At this point, it's not possible to use biodegradable or compostable plastic, because by their nature, they break down and may damage your print. Crystal clearbags are made from biaxially-oriented polypropylene. They are recyclable (Code 5) and 10% of each bag is made from recycled material. If you prefer, I can wrap your print in acid-free tissue instead - just let me know.
    • Prints are backed with conservation-grade cardboard backing boards. These are fully recyclable and compostable.
  • Other packaging
    • For my online shop, I package cards, notebooks, and other gifts with cardboard and paper wrappers. Some retail outlets require I package these items in plastic sleeves, but I avoid doing so if possible.
  • Suggestions
    • Ask your framer what they do with the print packaging, and encourage them to recycle, donate, or reuse it.
    • If you have framed your piece yourself, you can consider donating packaging to a local art collective. The conservation-grade bags and backing are expensive and can be reused.

I will continue to add to this FAQ, but if you have any suggestions or questions about my workflow, do ask!