Support a good cause

Wildlife conservation takes hard mahi and supportive funding. To support the birds and their ecosystems, I donate 10% of my proceeds to conservation, for most of my artworks featuring endangered birds and other wildlife. Together we can enjoy creating and appreciating art while also ensuring these precious creatures survive and thrive. You can find out how much we've raised on my fundraising page.

Here you can see which artworks support my favourite wildlife organizations: Zealandia, Forest & Bird, Birds NZ, Ōtari-Wilton’s Bush Trust, Birdare Aotearoa, and World Parrot Trust.

Unlisted are a number of organizations for which I've created only 1-2 artworks (including Hihi Recovery Group, Kākāpō Recovery Trust, Capital Kiwi, Rare Breeds Conservation Society of NZ, American Bird Conservancy, Bird Life Australia, Kea Conservation, Moths & Butterflies of NZ Trust, and Friends of Galapagos (FOGNZ)) but you can Search for them. Each artwork says which organization it's supporting.