Fundraising for Wildlife

Judi's hands holding a baby parrot
Judi holds a baby kākā parrot for leg banding and health assessment (photo by Linton Miller)
I'm a wildlife conservationist first and foremost - it's all about the birds for me! So most of my art includes a donation to wildlife conservation projects. This is especially the case when I've photographed a bird or other endangered species in a wildlife sanctuary - saving wildlife is hugely expensive! In addition, I often support wildlife fundraisers through donating artworks. I love that through creating and selling gorgeous wildlife art, both of us - artist and collector - are supporting the birds.

Here's how much we have raised together as of June 2023 2022: an incredible $19,812!
I can't thank you enough for sharing my love of our precious birds and helping me raise funds for their survival.

My favourite organizations to support are Zealandia Te Māra a Tāne EcoSanctuary (where I've been volunteering for nearly twenty years), Forest & Bird, Kākāpō Recovery Trust, and World Parrot Trust. The description for each artwork says which organization it supports.

Find out which artworks contributed the most each financial year*: