photo of a tui

Which bird raised the most in 2020?

"Portrait of a tūī" has completely sold out but there might be one or two still in a gallery, so do get in touch if you're keen. Otherwise he's available sometimes as a framed TinyArt piece.
For most of my art sales, I make a personal donation of 10% on your behalf to a wildlife organization (after commissions and GST, but before costs). I do this once a year after doing my taxes - it's my reward for getting them done because only then do I find out which bird raised the most for conservation! And for FY 2020 its (insert drum roll and fanfare) "Portrait of a tūī", closely followed by "I shall ride every storm".

The tūī really is NZ's most beloved bird!
You can check on the current TinyArt range here
​Thank you for all your support! 
Photo-art of a tui
"I shall ride every storm" is also nearly sold out with just a couple of small prints remaining at time of writing. He too is sometimes available as a framed TinyArt piece.
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