Collection: My garden friends

A new collection for 2023 - my garden friends. A series of painterly bird portraits, featuring birds who have made my garden their home or live in nearby Zealandia EcoSanctuary. I've not been so mobile this past year, so I have focused my artistic attention on my locals rather than heading off into the bush on long walks or taking intrepid field trips, chasing rarer species. Of course, it helps, to live in the beautiful biphyllic city of Pōneke Wellington, where biodiversity is increasing and rare birds fill the skies!

And what was first seen as a setback has turned into a joy! These are the birds we see every day. We know their names. We share their lives. We love their songs. It's a privilege to bring you this collection.

Each piece in this collection starts with a photograph but is then completely overpainted by hand using digital brushstrokes. I do this with a drawing tablet and stylus. This digital brush picks up colours from the photo and background and mixes it onto the canvas as I lay down new brush strokes. It is far more time-consuming than my other photo-artistic pieces, but is incredibly satisfying. The results look like a luscious oil painting.

  • Hand holding pen signing a fine-art print

    Hand signed

    Each fine-art print is hand-signed and editioned. Medium prints and larger come with a signed certificate of authenticity.

  • Three fine-art prints in small, medium, and large sizes

    Multiple sizes

    Prints come in multiple sizes - there's the perfect size for every wall!

  • Print of a tui coming out of the printer

    Archival printing

    Each print is created with archival inks and archival heavy-weight fine-art paper.