Kowhai blossoms

Joyous signs of spring

With Wellington moving into Level 2, we took advantage of Zealandia reopening, masked-up, and went hunting for signs of spring. I do hope you're able to get out and enjoy nature in your neighbourhood, and that you enjoy this wee photo essay...

Yellow kōwhai flowers
A perfect sprig of kōwhai blossoms

A kahukura butterfly on a yellow kōwhai flower
A kahukura (red admiral butterfly) appears to be feeding on a kōwhai bloom.

A pōpokotea on a branch
A cute pōpokotea (whitehead) was flitting from branch to branch with their mate

Fluffy toutouwai (robin) perched on a branch
A tiny toutouwai (North Island robin) shakes out his underfluffies - spring cleaning perhaps?

Green fern frond, unfurling
An icon sign of spring - an unfurling fern leaf

A tīeke profiled while perching on a branch
A tīeke (saddleback) briefly pops up into the light while foraging in the undergrowth

What are your favourite signs of spring?
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It’s still lambs and daffodils

Cindy13 Sep 2021

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