A tui looking between it's legs at the photographer

Wildlife photography outtakes

Birds are weird. And they don't always pose nicely! When seeking that perfectly posed wildlife photo, I do end up with a lot of outtakes, some of which are hilarious. Or peculiar, or cute, or curious - you get the picture. So to round out 2022, I thought you might enjoy some of the outtakes. If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you might already have seen some of these, but there are some new funnies too. Which one is your favourite?

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I love the fantail one 😆

Rachel Woolford14 Dec 2022
Hilarious eh!

Judi15 Dec 2022
Would it be possible to have the Tauhou and the Tui (are you sure you have the right setting) framed as two Tiny Art – I’d love to buy them.

Nicolette Denning11 Dec 2022
Absolutely! I’d love to – they’d be perfect for TinyArt! I’ve emailed you with some details.

Judi11 Dec 2022

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