My smiling Dad with his canvas print of "The Scenic Route"

Need gift suggestions for your father-figure?

My Pa after hanging "The Scenic Route"
Father figures come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, genders, ages, and flavours, but I know many are huge bird fans. Does your father figure have an elaborate bird feeder? Perhaps yours loves tramping in the forest, immersing themselves in the sounds of green. Or are they like Chris, always craning their head to see who's calling high in the sky? Maybe your Pa is like Richard who's learned how to speak pīwakawaka and has a tiny flock following him around the garden? How about all the dads who slog their guts out every weekend checking rat traps to ensure baby birds survive in their nests? 

A tiny fantail (pīwakawaka) landing among dew covered māhoe tree leaves, with fan and wings outstretched
"Pīwakawaka in Māhoe" from the Skrark Art photographic print range

I'm not one to create art with certain genders or stereotypes in mind, but over the years, I've noticed that some of my artworks are especially loved by fathers (and people buying gifts for their fathers).

The most popular has to be The Scenic Route (pictured at the top), featuring Dad and the kids out for a kākā's equivalent of a Sunday drive (and with fuel prices these days, a lost pleasure). This piece makes a great combination with the gentleman ornithologist (humanologist?) "The Bird Watcher" (below).
A kākā sitting in his parlour turns to look at the viewer, next to a pile of bird books and binoculars. By the window, a desperate man swings in a cage.
"The Bird Watcher" - there are many fun things to find in this detailed artwork.
A portrait of a ruru (morepork) owl with huge yellow ringed eyes and soft feathers
"I Spy (ruru" - a fine-art print

I've also noticed a special reverence for the might and power of birds of prey, with "I Spy (ruru)" an immediate hit among owl art lovers. Another newish piece is our Skrark Art photographic print "Karearea Profile."
Profile of a kārearea falcon with a huge all-seeing eye
"Kārearea Profile" - a photographic print by Skrark Art
A little-spotted kiwi with beak open and eyes closed as if laughing at their own joke, out for a moonlit stroll in the woods
"A Real Kiwi Joker (kiwi pukupuku)"

If your Dad is a fan of redbands, a pint, and a laugh, then "A Real Kiwi Joker" might be the perfect match! But did you know that kiwi pukupuku dads are also amazing stay-at-home fathers? They are responsible for all the egg incubating and chick raising (which is understandable when you learn that female kiwi are laying eggs that are around one-quarter their body weight - which is apparently like giving birth to a full-sized toddler according to my kiwi researcher friends 😮). Kiwi dads are awesome!

A tūī clings to a tree trunk, looking up at the sky
"In all his glory (tūī)" - a fine art print
Finally, this list wouldn't be complete without a tūī. Everyone's favourite, but I know you can't go wrong with "In all his glory," who is especially popular.

So if you're wondering what to get Dad for Father's Day, a birthday, or other special occasion, an artwork featuring their favourite bird is a pretty good choice. Do take a look at my full collection - there's bound to be something your Dad will love! Or get in touch if you would like more suggestions.

What is your father's favourite bird?
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