Collection: Takahē

These primaeval-looking birds are, like all birds, direct descendents from dinosaurs but look more the part! At Zealandia EcoSanctuary, my local sanctuary, we've been blessed to have supported five takahē over the years, living out their retirements, along with a surprise chick! Here you will find art and photography celebrating these unique birds: T2, Puffin, Orbell, Nio, and Te Āwhiorangi (I never got to photograph Ahikaea).
  • Hand holding pen signing a fine-art print

    Hand signed

    Each fine-art print is hand-signed and editioned. Medium prints and larger come with a signed certificate of authenticity.

  • Three fine-art prints in small, medium, and large sizes

    Multiple sizes

    Prints come in multiple sizes - there's the perfect size for every wall!

  • Print of a tui coming out of the printer

    Archival printing

    Each print is created with archival inks and archival heavy-weight fine-art paper.